Manager security k9 services is a premium provider of fast response explosive detection dog teams (eddts). our world-class, highly trained dogs confirm or rule out the presence of hazardous explosive materials and enable your usual activities to continue with minimal or no interruption.

Security Manager K9 Services is a premier provider of explosive detection dog teams that respond quickly (EDDTs). Our world-class, highly trained canines confirm or rule out the existence of potentially hazardous explosive items, allowing you to continue with your normal operations with little or no disruption. Our dog teams respond quickly and specialized to bomb threats and other dangerous things that might endanger our clients' property and life. K9 dogs, in contrast to typical guard dogs, are kind, clever, and non-threatening.


Our Quality Program assures that the K9 teams uphold the highest standards during the duration of the contract. Monthly training reports, supervisor-led field evaluations on a quarterly basis, recording of after-action/incident reports, and 12-month recertification. Daily training is performed with the EDDs, which is documented and provided to management on a monthly basis.

K9 Services
The areas that our teams work in includes
  • Explosive detection

  • Search & rescue

  • Patrol/tracking (K9 protection)