Personnel Transportation
Manager security personnel transportation services provides safe, secure, and efficient services supporting traveling executives and their staff. this service is delivered by vetted professional psd drivers utilizing a fleet of safety-checked vehicles dedicated to the specific task.

Manager Security Personnel Transportation Services supports traveling executives and their personnel with safe, secure, and efficient transportation. This service is provided by verified professional PSD drivers who operate a designated fleet of safety-checked cars.

Manager Security people are highly qualified. Each individual is licensed and trained to at the very least Iraqi legal norms. Our PSD drivers and Close Protection Officers (CPOs) are predominantly ex-Law Enforcement or Armed Forces personnel.

By adopting Manager Security, you can minimize your exposure to possible dangers and hazards associated with business travel. Traveling CEOs are particularly vulnerable when on route to and from certain venues.

Personnel Transportation

Manager Security Services reduces risk and exposure to non-criminal situations (such as road traffic accidents, vehicle breakdown, and bad route selection) as well as dangerous scenarios such as terrorist activities, theft, kidnapping, armed robbery, assault, and other traumatic events.