Security Guards Armed & Unarmed
Manager Security offers both armed and unarmed security guard services. Available 24/7, you will find our carefully recruited security officers to be professional, responsive, and reliable. We will work with you to determine the appropriate level of protection, understanding that each client's situation is unique and can change at any time.

Manager Security provides security guard services both armed and unarmed. Available 24 hours a day, our carefully selected security personnel will demonstrate professionalism, responsiveness, and dependability. We will work with you to evaluate the proper degree of protection, keeping in mind that each client's situation is unique and is subject to change.

All of our security personnel must successfully complete a background investigation, which includes criminal, credit, and reference checks, as well as a drug test. They must have a solid moral character, excellent judgment, and a tidy and professional look. Our armed security guards are held to the highest standards. These officers must have a minimum of two years of security experience and must participate in a six-month guns re-qualification program.

Additionally, they must demonstrate an understanding of their legal authority and the constraints imposed by an armed security officer. Additionally, Manager Security personnel receive training in de-escalation of force, which includes how to address aggressive or possibly violent situations in a non-violent manner utilizing intellectual abilities.

Security Guards Armed & Unarmed
Their duties on behalf of clients typically include
  • Safeguarding the personnel, guests, visitors, and property

  • Conducting roving and stationary tours

  • Communicating with and assisting the public

  • Preparing reports and daily logs

  • Rendering assistance as necessary